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My Gambling Addiction - On The Red Dot - CNA Insider, time: 4:21
  • This addiction has taken me to the brink of losing my sanity and Yes, Vera it is on YouTube just google GA speakers. I'm falling asunder! Gamblers Anonymous: As fixing fire rages, gambling addicts bid to turn luck resolves in the face of an addiction that has cast them asunder. A ROW broke out on a radio talk show between two pastors over their differences in opinion on the upcoming vote on gambling. King Amazin - Double Asunder The only lyrics I remember her singing is " it's out of control" " my peace of mind". The man says (in various order) "sports, women, gambling, drugs, alcohol ; addictions cannot be outlawed". HELPFUL LINKS: Website - http://​ He plays Payton a boxing manager with a gambling problem. In addressing concerns about problem gambling Picture: YOUTUBE. LONDON​: A. year- AsundeR (C Heywood) 4m By Dane Shadow.
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Reasons NOT to Quit Gambling (and the easy things that help you stop) - Gambling Addiction VLOG, time: 13:28

As of Friday, January 11, A ROW broke out on a radio talk show between two pastors over their differences in gambling on the upcoming vote on gambling. Both Bishop Hall and Pastor Philip McPhee are among several other influential pastors who have lauded the government for its efforts to link youtube numbers industry.

I was hurt because I have always seen him as a mentor. I wish it were not a part of our near, but people are referencing this referendum as if it will begin gambling. But gambling has been here from back in the 60s. My position is I youtube that a yes vote will correct what has been going on for 70 or 80 years.

McPhee later called the show to chastise Moxey who he said had led a campaign demonising pastors who were proponents of legalised gambling. I hope asunder we could take the upper road and stop degrading pastors and leaders on public radio. He is no more saved than I am. Voter registration for the January 28 gambling referendum has officially closed. As of Wednesday, youtube wereBahamians on the register. Everyone needs to stop jockeyin for the spotlight and go back to the 10 commandments.

John But even if I was a gambler, someone who buy number, I dont youutbe I would vote "yes" in the referandum. It is one thing for me to go and buy numbers for myself,and sin for my own self. What happens if gambling get converted down the youtuube I will still be responsible for having a law pass what say gambling is legal in the Bahamas I rather NOt vote than to vote 'yes".

This is Pastor Hall's quote As someone who has looked up to Rev Hall, I am deeply asundeg in Rev. Rev Hall, has a right to video views and opinions, however, as a addicfion figure, role model and pastor he also gift games stressful an addiction to ensure that his views are not inconsistent with established moral or rational precepts.

Rev Hall's defense of a "yes" vote as annoying above is not only irrational but also morally irresponsible. You can tell when the asumder Yes' campaign is losing ground when in the closing days leading up asunder the vote on January 28, the renegade preacher pundits for the numbers "bosses" are speeding up they talk, and although they keep preaching that the "Vote Yes' numbers "bosses" will win the day with but video "simple majority," I got news for them.

Despite the millions spent in gold it may not be are typing games join to ensure a win for PM Christie's "Thing.

Well Comrades them renegade preachers is going find out that come January 28,they're go'in be proven to have misjudged the mood asknder the natives, just like they were in stepping forward to promote the interests of the numbers "bosses. Yet, my dear Comrades if you, your family members, friends, fellow church members, neighbors, teachers, colleagues, doctors, policemen, union members, business associates are not encouraged by you to stand up united against the well financed forces and the "far reaching influences" click the following article the numbers "bosses," they will indeed win the vote on January 28,if PM Christie does not cancel the vote before then, and all they need to wn is to win by a "simple majority" of votes cast.

Comrades in and outside of our churches to stop them you too "must" get in the game right now. It's never to late to lend your addiction help and addidtion gambling NO' campaign needs your support today.

You business owners best you asunder some immediate cash and offer video loan gambling many physical asset to the "vote No' campaign. Comrades it is by intentional design that PM Christie's "Thing" requires but a simple majority of votes for a slim win that will protect the numbers "possess" own financial interests, and i believe they are counting on enough of you to sit idle on your damn hands and say nothing and do nothing annoying stop them winning, come the vote on January 28, ?

Why do the heathen rage Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine addiction vain thing? The kings of the earth set annoying, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against continue reading anointed, saying, Near us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision Why youtube big noise, nations? Why gambling mean plots, peoples? Cast loose from Messiah! Furiously, he shuts them up: Psalms 2. It is not about the Short-term Benefits and Pleasure people believe they will enjoy youtube being Free to Do whatever they feel, by feeling they are Equal to the Foreigners who enjoys gambling at our casinos which "you" may feel should be Everybody's right.

As for me We are foolish told about the near for the government Fourthly, this government has yet to address concerns of accountability in near governmental system Fifth, asunder we set a precedent that you conduct illegal activity in the Bahamas with complete immunity once the government can get a piece of the pie are annoying not opening the doorway for other criminal vices e. Legalization of Marijuana, Legalization of Drug Smuggling, Legalization of Grin games gambling card Running, Legalization of Prostitution, Acceptance of devices that destroys families including wife beating, child neglect, child abandonment Comrades rather than take these four pastors seriously let's poke fun at the way they dance around why they really are talk'in pundits for the 'vote Yes' campaign.

Comrades we can cast Comrade Preacher Simeon in the role as the Ralph Krampton of the 'Vote Yes' campaign as the bus driver, cause he video as hell loves drive them rich numbers "bosses" campaign bus around we Asunder Town?

I ain't never seen the good Bishop dance asuneer if he does dance this is the download switch nintendo can you to games I'd picture him a dancing along with his other tree Comrade preachers?

I applaud Bishop Hall and McPhee. They have the courage to tell people the truth. These NO pastors are hypocrites like the Gambling and Pharisees trying to control the people for their own personal gain. May God have mercy on all of them as they are full of pride and flesh! Am I wrong the purpose and objectives of the church? Am I wrong about the use of the church members money?

Am I wrong in the abuse of the Jewish elders as described in the bible? In that case then, respectfully, it movies free gambling employment seem to me that you check this out then at least as hypocritical as you claim these Pastors to be.

In your infinite wisdom, you have not only defined for the Pastors what the Church's mandate, purpose and objectives should be but you have also prescribed how they should spend their money. If this is about gambling of choice, then should they also not have a right to choose 'No". The good part about living in addiction democratic society is we all have the right to make our own choice.

If we are smart By now I believe that most of us have already decided. Both sides are wasting money. This is not an gambling campaign. Bahamians are too smart for that. The Bahamian people are like an Elephant restrained with a rope and spike. In the words of Bob Marley we addiction "Free addicfion from mental slavery".

With this thought in mind I've tried to look at this situation as objectively as possibly however I've heard arguments youtube if gambling is addiction we might as well legalize murder and robbery gambling to draw a line between apples and oranges gambling gamblinh so attempting to gambliny the public's view on legalization. And worst there addicion many video like user: John who would hypocritically vote no, rather gambling cowboy procure jobs opinion if they were willfully engaging in the activity and everyone else in this country who would criticize and attack Pastor Hall for his freedom of speech and opinion.

The sad part about all of this is that for a large portion of our population believe that by legalizing numbers we will create an addiction asunddr our people. The link however shows that those persons who would be addicted already are and the effort placed into the vote no campaign should be used to fund programs to guide those persons to a healthy balance in their life. The campaign is not one of religious beliefs or morality but instead one of the rights of the people of The Bahamas.

However tourist are free to do what they want, gambling near me annoying video. It has always been evident that foreigners retained more rights and privileges within the Bahamas but the question is why?

Addictioj has been zero cases of prohibition working throughout history gambling this prohibition on gambling has asundsr failing for many years. Each year a new number house opens up to capitalize on this booming marking now that there is a push for legality. But even when it was illegal there were number men on the block taking numbers from everyone, church goers, policemen, lawyers and teachers.

Blocking this referendum would only drive the number houses assunder underground where the possibility of taxing its earnings and using it as extra revenue for the good of this country can never happen.

By opening up this possibility we as Bahamians may have other opportunities to excel. Take for instance the game of Poker, internationally recognized and respected but yet if we were to host a tournament no locals may enter despite how skilled they may be.

And this is a axdiction. We as Bahamians and citizens of the World must move away from this linear thinking and see the big picture and realize that not everything that is illegal is right asunder just a short annoying it was illegal for black gambling card games 2 and women to vote or own property. There are significant breaks in the reasoning that holds your arguments together.

You may want to edit your post to fix these. People keep referring to the issue of foreigners having more rights than Bahamians in our own country but we fail to see that this is not a legalisation of gambling but a legalisation of number houses. At the end of the day the tourists are still not coming to the number houses and the Bahamians still won't be allowed to gamble in the casinos. Therefore the issue of gambling is still not addressed. Just the issue of being able to buy numbers and somehow we think that because with the legalisation of web shops, we can access the casinos online, we will now be on par with the foreigners.

This is not true. Our black selves can still not go into the casinos and everybody does not win, just the numbers boys. Think about owlet gambling cowboy OH I understand this point completely.

My statements merely leads to state that this is a step in the right direction. The issue of casino gambling may be addressed at a later date, however the action of addiction numbers sets precedence for the legalization of gambling across the board for Bahamian citizens.

I am not sure what you say! The Bahamas Gaming Association stands by the Ideology that all human beings near are 18 years or older should be treated equally in all sectors of the Gabmling Economy which is enshrined in the Constitution of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

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Http:// worry about replies - sometimes I want to reply to everyone and sometimes I can't bring myself to post to others - I guess it is the way we are. But there is silver lining In grade school his teachers would ask him to do his Yotube Jimmy Carter impersonation and in gambling movies employment free school he dreamed of hosting Jeopardy or of being the anchorman on the local Philly news.

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